Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A Family Week Scratched

Time with my youngsters
so important to me.

Friday... I am with the parents to be.
Saturday... a day of celebration
when another young couple came round
to announce they too were pregnant.

Mark and I bought tomato plants at the market.
Monday was foam insulation day in the kitchen reno.
Tuesday... Mark and Donna and moi went to
hypnobirthing class
where I was honoured to be used as a model!

Mark fished...
we walked woods blanketed in trillium alongside the river.
The winter damage was amazing
Whole trees had fallen
forming dams across the river.
Forced to find a new route
the river was eating into it's banks. 

A heart of threads is meant to show the busy everyday
lives the young lead when
earning their living as artists
and renovating a kitchen in an old, old house
practically all by themselves.
Thank goodness for big brother Brett
who came up from Toronto to help with drywalling.
Sometimes of an evening we played Boggle
a family favourite despite the fact
that Mark always wins!
all too soon
it was time to wing my way home.


  1. My heart sung while reading this. What a delight. I'm already counting the days until October when we get to invade our busy family's life for a week.

  2. I absolutely love your scratched mother-to-be! We're waiting for the birth of our first grandbaby sometime this month.

  3. Your work continues to amaze me! Priceless!

  4. What a wonderful, busy, joyful week!

  5. Once more a wonderful scratch. So nice to catch up with family, exciting times. I feel mine is getting a little boring as we head into winter.

  6. such a wonderful way to record the history of your family!


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