Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Spring Must Be Here

We have a big pond
madam led her fella
to the huge puddles in the vegetable garden.

He didn`t approve at first
but soon joined her.

Just think that in not too many weeks
about fourteen tiny babes will appear
on the pond

and Mom and Dad will herd them
down the stream to the Annapolis Basin
where they will grow up
and at the first signs of Winter
they will all fly South again.
But let`s not wish our lives away!


  1. what do you mean by your last sentence?

  2. One beautiful day at a time!! Step by step!!

  3. What a charming sight! Good to see ...

  4. Lovely and so good to have the anticipation of babies to come.

  5. We had (still have) some here as well. This is the first year a couple has stayed around so long finding our baby pond in front a special lounging spot. My guess is, with doggie unwell, they feel safer. Spring is here Penny!! BIG SIGH..


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