Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Frozen Fringes

One of our streams is still frozen over

but trying to reappear.

At the other end of the pond
the other stream is flowing

frilly ice reaches out over the water

or grows into stalactites that kiss the watery surface.

Sometimes it reaches out over the stream
looking a bit like some kind of musical instrument.

Chimes perhaps

Clinking glasses

Encrusting rocks and weeds

Beautiful filigree lace

Ice jam under the bridge.
Brrr I'm feeling quite cold after this post!


  1. It looks quite beautiful, doesn't it!

  2. Oh my, these are probably some of the most beautiful winter pictures I've ever seen. They even cause me to shiver a bit -- it looks sooooo cold!

  3. yes the pictures must be for sale for christmass but it's enough i think

    love you though i scarly visited you

  4. Such beautiful patterns that really only nature can create.

  5. The river outside our building is still frozen solid so no running water in sight for us. The poor ducks keep flying over looking for open water.

  6. I see TEETH, Penny! Maybe I am hanging around with my dog too much!

  7. such beautiful photos, penny! i can see the inspiration for many a cloth in them. but for the moment, i think i'll get a sweater cuz i'm starting to shiver. ha!

  8. These are tinkling in my ears, one time I saw images on the creek by our house like this and I swear they were singing! Great post! It means spring is finally here..lol, Carli


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