Thursday, 6 March 2014

Better Late than Scratched

Quite a week

Rocks piled one on top of the other form this land
Rocks that lie in water
Trees stand proud atop this pile of rocks
Roots work their way down
into that life giving water.

The Artist Way Collective met on Monday.
There are seven of us
 each one quite unique
Each one so inspiring
I am so grateful to be one of them.
Then on Wednesday
Three of us drove up the valley
the buy wool and vegetables.
A lovely day out.

On Friday as I couched bits and pieces of my new wool
we received sad news of the passing of my Auntie Rosie.
Roses were added..
and when my cousin suggested I add some rosemary
I made a very weak attempt at doing so.
Rosie was the best Aunt
Much Loved
She will be missed.

On Saturday my friend Chris arrived for a few days play
She always comes with lovely doggie biscuits
for some very excited Rusty Pups!
We played with paint and brush and Gelli Plates and Softoleum.
We sipped wine and feasted on quinoa and asparagus.
On Sunday we learned all about solar plates
and printing presses.
But unfortunately snow cut our day short
and we will have to return to complete the workshop.

A sad but busy week.


  1. Beautiful tree and rocks. So hard to lose a much loved Aunt.

  2. Beautiful scratchings in amongst the friendly days and the sorrowful days. I hope the sun is shining on you today.

  3. So sorry to hear about your dear Aunt...they are so precious, hard to lose. I love the roses you made for her...and the tree/water/rocks...

  4. Love the colours, a very mixed week, so sad about your aunt.

  5. There is a difference in your stitching, a subtle one, a transition of sorts maybe. As always, so lovely! So good your friend came to join you in creating when you perhaps needed distraction. So sorry to hear about your Aunt. My condolences to you, Penny.

  6. My sympathies, but I love your remembrance of Aunt Rosie!

  7. Been a long time since I visited... my loss... Oh Penny, your blog, your posts are just the best! I love the way you write, all the essentials, yet sparse of words. And most of all I love the way your scratchings tell your story, the way they preserve memories and connections. Rosie is here with you in this, for sure.

  8. So sorry for your loss. I know how important a great Auntie can be.


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