Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Twelve Tiny Munchkins

They appeared on the pond on Mother's Day
Mom was motionless on the bank
until she thought we were getting too close
and then she did the broken wing act.
Father flew in circles watching from above.
You will remember we tried to discourage mom and dad.
We tried to warn them about the dangers of....

....rusty pups
and the coyotes were howling the other night

We'll do our best to protect them.


  1. We love our wildlife. Its hard for me to understand why humans would kill them for sport. You little ducks are so cute. What breed, if you call ducks breed, are they. We have a family of Canadian geese nearby. Their chicks are yellow. I was surprised. I expected them to look more like yours.
    xx, Carol

  2. A perfect Mother's Day treat!!

  3. Cute!! I tried to protect the luna moth from the blue jays yesterday, so far so good. Of course, its all just so he could go out, hook up with some luna lady and then expire. So, my job will be over much sooner than yours!! A mother merganser and her tiny brood bobbed their way in front of my car the other day, heading for the underbrush, persued by a crow. Its a wild world out there!!

  4. How darling! I wish them well, hope the pups and other critters leave them be.

  5. These are CUTE ! Love the black stripe over their eyes ...

  6. Awww...they are so cute!

  7. Oh they are sweet! Thinking no matter where they had nested, there would have been a risk...

  8. Isn't it lovely to see all the colours in that last photo - even grey-ish blue highlights on beaks and wings!

  9. Perhaps these little babies think that wearing masks will hide them from the bad guys?


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