Wednesday, 30 May 2012

In Search of Lady Slippers

We walked my favourite woods

where rustic stairways
help us across the biggest of rocks.

We came to see if the lady slippers were in bloom...

and there they were
pretty in pink.
Clouds of big fat mosquitoes swarmed around us
and landed on skin as soon as we stopped. 
Made for a brisk walk!

We still took time to enjoy the forest canopy above scraggy trees

and I spied a lovely rotting moss covered stump.
But boy was I glad to get out of there!


  1. Beautiful lady slipper orchids, many years ago i had one and loved it so. It's lovely to see them again.

  2. What a peaceful place to explore. HOWEVER, I don't think I could stand the biters.
    xx, Carol

  3. So precious and beautiful! We missed them this year - they usually bloom in South Carolina but the spring came so early this year that by the time we got down there they had come and gone :-(

  4. There's a small colony growing in my garden... I feel blessed!

  5. the slippers are so lovely. they keep saying here that the mosquitoes are attacking in large numbers but so far they have left me alone.

  6. Cool and shady for a hot summer day!

  7. Aahhhhhhhhhhh ! those lady slippers !!!!!
    Mmmmm would like to touch that old old tree stump !

  8. The lady slippers are real beauties. Unfortunately mosquitoes LOVE me! They come from miles away just to chow down on my tastiness!!! Then I swell, huge for days :( Some days I have to run for the house at dusk :)

  9. I wonder why mosquitoes were created to make us suffer when the weather is finally nice enough to get outside to see such beauty. I know the birds love them, but otherwise they aren't much fun.

  10. Our Lady slippers were very early this year. Good that you caught such good photo's. I love to see your part of the woods.
    Have a nice weekend!



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