Thursday, 22 March 2012

Springtime Rituals

Spring clean-up
usually we shred
but this year there's much too much.
Brings to mind the beacons that would be set ablaze
all along the South coast of England
warning that the Spanish Armada was sighted..

The pheasant wondered what was going on

but was soon distracted by the potential of a game of tennis ball!


  1. How close were you to the bird? He must be a ham to stand, no pose for you.

    We are in spring clean mode inside and the boys will be here this weekend to work outside. I am loving this early warm weather!

  2. He was just outside the window. Whenever a pheasant appears we try not to even breathe! Very skittish they are.

  3. OH..what a magnificent bird...when we lived in the Hudson Valley region of NY they ran everywhere, now I hear so sadly, they have vanished from the region. Happy to see them apparently flourishing where you live.

  4. The beacons were also set when Napoleon was threatening to invade... Fortunately the winds in the Channel were all contrary that year and he went off to invade Russia instead!

  5. Ahhh, and also a Spring Equinox blaze.

  6. Beautiful feathers - beautiful bird! Reminds me of my old commute when they burn off the old citrus trees. Such a strong smell of so many trees lighting the way to the next season.

  7. Great show of the pheasant. We have wild turkeys around here and try as I might I've never gotten a good picture of any of them.

  8. You brought to light an old memory of living in the UK. My Canadian friend (Vancouver Island) Sylvia and I went to Windsor on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth's silver jubilee (I think, it was 1970 something - senior moment); they lit huge bonfires the length of the country and she was to start it by lighting this huge bonfire at Windsor Castle. As a steadfast republican Australian that has been my only brush with royalty but what I remember is the flames shooting up into the sky to an enormous cheer! Thanks for bringing that to the surface!

  9. Such an impressive bird (and an impressive bonfire too). I can almost smell that fire - reminds me of burning leaves in the fall.


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