Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rocks Rock

Rocks rock
and it's a good thing I think that

because they surround us

Those we can lift
we often rearrange

Some gather in piles alongside
nurseries of baby spruce and tamarack

Meanwhile back at the ranch....
I'm trying to find a home

for a shibori sun

and a tiny piece of wedding dress.


  1. We love rocks. Using them in our landscape projects is only natural to us and are forever moving them just a little as they sink slowly into the ground. There must be some significance to this love. I'll have to think about that.

  2. and I miss rocks..I'm from the Hudson Valley region of NY where the locals raised rock wall building to a high art. Here on the Piedmont in Georgia a big rock in the yard is a big deal! We have one really impressive rock, Stone Mountain, and that's about it. People actually pay landscaping companies to bring big decorative rocks to their land.

    1. Oh, yes, Deb they build dry rock walls here too. But you have other wonderful advantages down there in Georgia.

  3. Rocks are full of interesting textures and colours, aren't they!

  4. I LOVE rocks! I'm originally from the PA, NJ area and there was always tons of rocks. Here in TX we have to PAY for any rocks to landscape with.......i have such a hard time wrapping my head around paying for rocks.....lol

  5. Your photography is always amazing! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous landscapes.

  6. I carry rocks home from trips or walks on the beach. We are in basalt country - tall pillars of molten rock. They lack the beautiful lichen and moss that you find in a more humid environment. Thanks for the gorgeous photos. The shibori sun is gorgeous.

  7. Love your rock photos. Maybe it is a shibori rock instead!

  8. love rocks and your shibori sun glows.

  9. I can't even explain what that tiny piece of wedding lace does to me...
    And that is one mighty fine sun.
    Rockin' post!

  10. Glorious lichens on fabulous rocks.
    Thanks for sharing


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