Monday, 19 March 2012

Rockbound Stream Above a week of Scratchings

The babbling brook wends it way past
many a rock
sometimes passing by slowly and calmly

Some boulders case it to speed up and rush on by

Sometimes whole gatherings of rocks
force it to squeeze through nooks and crannies

Bursting from those crowded tight space
it rushes wildly into the open face of this
handsome fellow

who has been kept warm all winter long with a blanket of green and silvery grey.

scratchings tell the tale of a week that couldn't make up its mind
raining cats and dogs one day
blanketing us in snow the next
then another day of rain
A green strip for the Irish
Then silver bellied fish for a Pisces birthday.


  1. Those fish are delightful, it seems to me that you 'dare' more and more on your scratchings!

    1. Daring more is the goal as well as becoming more playful and looser.

  2. Love the green and fish additions and their representations.
    We live a block from the river and its bay at the end of our road. Many creeks near me empty into it. What is it about a creek that calls to walk along the activity near and in it. We have spent many hours following it or not, depending on how much rain we have had.

    1. I'm thinking those creeks are the life source for everything. And I know what you mean about following them or not depending on the rain.

  3. thanks for the pisces fish. and love the strip of green.

  4. I think water has to be one of the most fascinating things in nature. I live beside a river now and I absolutely love it...ever-changing and fascinating.

  5. I love to focus in on one small part of nature - studying carefully all the integral parts. This post does just that for me - very meditative. Thank you!

  6. 75 degrees here, penny, and i was TOO HOT!!!


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