Sunday, 18 March 2012

Of a Certain Apple Tree and the Apple of my Eye

Us humans, the rusty pups and our friendly beaver
have all been known to enjoy the fruits of
the old apple tree up by the pond.
She's getting a bit long in the tooth
(the apple tree that is)

Do you remember the W palm trees in 
'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World'?
She proudly forms half a W!

She has a lovely moss covered constant companion

Her bark is getting a little bit crispy crunchy
and evidence is building that
the woodpeckers visit her quite often.
Hope she's okay

and yet she still enjoys
stretching up towards the heavens

We're celebrating today the birthday of
a young man who is pretty darned well okay
my favourite of artists
the baby of this family
Happy Birthday


  1. Indeed, Happy Birthday, Mark!

    Good to see the tree in such a good state.

  2. Happy Birthday Mark. Congrats to Richard on that amazing first photo.. wow! Love to you both, Jennifer

    1. Love right back to you Jennifer! I took the photos...Richard was dragging fuel for the bonfire.

  3. Happy Birthday, Mark. And thanks for sharing your pictures. You see art everywhere.
    xx, Carol

    1. That's an interesting point, Carol. I suppose we all see art in what we love.

  4. Nice painting... and trees and water - a good day for a birthday!

  5. mark's painting is so fine. proud mama!

  6. My warmest birthday wishes for Mark; my son Mark is also an artist but sadly I am not sure where and how he is right now. So I am channelling my motherly thoughts to your Mark. I wish him many more artful years.

  7. Happy Birthday to your 'baby' Mark. Lovely everything here today :)

    PS Robyn- heartfelt thoughts to you.

  8. You have every right to be proud of Mark - I've seen his art and he's amazing. Happy birthday to him!


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