Monday, 26 March 2012

Colonies on Cloth and Tree Trunks

A week of fire and smoke 
Spring clean-up
but the eyes have it I think!

Textures growing around the wee bird

Stitches going down as randomly as possible.

Heavily ridged Ash 
great surface for random fungi colonization

though some prefer to march hither and thither
across Spruce bark

and this I presume could be dried sap providing protection
where a branch used to be.


  1. Great flames and smoke stitches! Elegant lichen. xxoo, sus

  2. i can almost feel the texture of the tree on the cloth. beautifully done.

  3. "as randomly as possible" is right - it can be difficult to create something genuinely random - but I think you've done really well with it!

  4. Your bird is delightful as are the random stitches.


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