Tuesday 2 August 2022

A Rusty Pup Summer


A Rusty Pup Summer is full of play

And grassy back scratches

Then resting in the shade

And sometimes pretending you're a beaver

Then catching your breath before another game of tag erupts!

Or catching a bit of sunshine

And carrying your favourite stick back to the house.

I hope your day is full of Summer Sunshine.


  1. idyllic, every bit of it ...

  2. What a joyful start to my day! You know how much I adore those Rusty Pups so it's always such a pleasure to see their happy faces.

  3. The Rusty Pups know about dolce far niente, don't they!

  4. They are looking so happy! What a wonderful life. xx

  5. So nice to get your blogs because they always make me feel good. Thank you!

  6. Such delightful pix of the pups and how they've matured and grown since I saw them last. Beautiful coats of rusts. And the pix of your home and yard, wow!!!!! Makes my heart full to know that's where you live Penny.

  7. Oh, I've missed the Rusty Pups! They are adorable and your Green is wonderful! Nancy


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