Thursday, 4 August 2022

Colours in the Garden


Our one rame flowerbed 
 So colourful this year full
Full of joy
I love it
Though I'm no gardener
I am trying!

Red the colour of our Root Chakra at the base of our spine
Keeps us grounded and connected to the universe
Deepening our sense of belonging and trust

Reds that dance in Summery breezes
For red is the colour that energizes us
Calls us into action

Romantic, passionate reds
Sexy and attention getting

A wee bit of quiet greyness
The perfect understated neutral
The colour of intellect and knowledge
And the colour of wisdom acquired through age
as us grey haired ancients!
Respect your elders kids!

Yellow sunshine
The colour of the Solar Plexus Chakra
located in our abdomen
provider of vitality and personal strength

 Happy Yellow brings warmth and positivity

Lavender is prolific this year
Purple the colour of our Crown Chakra
Connecting us to the universal consciousness
Deepening our spiritual understanding

But back to intoxicating, alluring red!

And luscious browns are simmering in the garden too of course!
Associated with all things natural and organic
Hearth and home
Life giving soil

Wishing you a day full of colour


  1. a thought-full meditation on color and meaning ...

  2. If you only have one flowerbed, it's certainly outdoing itself! Thank you for the colour interpretations too proving that flowers are more than just flowers.

  3. Beautiful, Penny! i adore being in the garden and do my work from photos I shoot in summer.. keeps me busy all winter!!

  4. Beautiful pictures and such lovely colours. Good to know their meanings too. xx

  5. It's always lovely to wallow in colour!


  6. What is this you say about how you are not a gardener! You have nurtured an incredible array of color and captured it beautifully with words. Thank you for sharing with us Penny. xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Beautiful to see these gorgeous colours, as here in Melbourne the garden is just starting to awaken. From Jenny M

  8. I love these gorgeous photos! What a wonder-filled garden you have grown :) The yellow w/brown flowers are amazing and I love your take on the meanings, especially the 'wise gray'! Nancy


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