Monday 13 September 2021

Summer....My Favourite Time of Year

It's been a glorious Summer
A time to dye
with Madder and Cutch and Myrobalan

A time for the garden to grow out of control
Full of abundant dye material

A time for my wild child to explore the dried out stream
But not too far my dear
There is a black bear cub and his Mom around!

We have managed to maintain our new civilized flowerbed
and the dahlias are still incredible.... 
....and so huge!

Even the Rusty Pups have enjoyed the abundance of flowers

....basking in the Sun has been pure joy!

For those of you whose Summer is coming to an end
I hope it was glorious for you too.
There are some whose Summer is just beginning
and I envy you. favourite time of year.


  1. love the warm colors in this post ... a perfect paean

  2. If only the heat and HUMIDITY would wane a bit - I did love this summer too! Missing you and hoping that your fall plans are coming into shape and that I will see you October 2nd...much love.

  3. summer's end is my favorite, the in-between, glorious warm days here.

  4. Gorgeous dyed fabrics and threads there Penny. Lovely pictures from your garden too. Cooler, damper summer here than we have become used to which is good - suits me much better. xx

  5. That dahlia does indeed look enormous - and what a delight to look at beauty and see further beauty in its train...

  6. It's Fall for me Penny, when our summer sweltering heat and humidity dissipate and I can feel that change in the air. I felt it up at our cabin 2 weeks ago and down below here yesterday ...finally. And of course the turning of the leaves is magical. Your dahlias are amazing and your dyed fabrics so yummy. Would love to see a peek of your mama bear and cub if you can catch them. And give those gorgeous pups a big hug for me. xoxoxo .

  7. Such lovely soft cloth colors. Wow, that dahlia! A beautiful time of year there for sure!

  8. Summer is my favorite too and I must admit to a love/hate relationship with fall because I know it leads to the dreaded winter. Love the photo of RP enjoying the flowers!


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