Friday 17 September 2021

In the Middle of the World is Getting Closer and Closer

All rolled up and ready to go off to the 
The Middle of the World.
I was overwhelmed
had to sit down and wipe away the tears.

I am reluctant to let them go.

The pieces are the colours of Nova Scotia
from dye baths of local plants and trees.

There is a piece of me in every stitch.
Each stitch a reflection of my thoughts and feelings
 in that meditative rhythm of needle passing through cloth.

I feel I can say more with needle and thread than with words

Words are so black and white...they freak me out!

Stitching is where I can be truly me.

These pieces have been close to my heart for months
years even
and I want to keep them safe at home with me.
But then I remember part of the joy of creating
is sharing the work with others.


  1. dear heart ... I can't imagine letting go of such precious cloth, even for a little while

  2. well I didn't get to finish, your heart and soul are in those pieces

  3. sorry computer error, I said I bet it's hard to let them go

  4. Precious Cargo, on its way and there will be so many avid fans and those who have loved your work for years and years - waiting in anticpation to study and delve deep into the meaning of each and every piece. I'll be there... with a full day of time if they let me - taking in all of the delicious stitches and colour. Much love your way...

  5. Where will the exhibition be, and how long will it be there? I'm in Wisconsin but so love your work and your part of the world... Thank you for what you create and share with all of us. <3

  6. So many stitches, so much time spent together - you and cloth, friends. Congrats on this chance to share this big piece of yourself!
    Love the pool noodle use :)
    "Words are so black and white...they freak me out!" made me chuckle. Perhaps if your words were a black and white cloth... :)

  7. Absolutely, there is joy in sharing your work, and I'm sure it will gain new admirers where it is going. I'm sure you've got something else in hand, as well..

  8. May they travel in safety and return to you soon. I know it's difficult to send a piece of your heart out into the world but you're right in the knowing that they will give joy to others while they travel.

  9. Congratulations, I understand letting them go, but they are so beautiful and will bring so much joy to everyone who has the chance to see them.

  10. OMG Penny, how I so wish I could see these in person. Let us know of a website where they will be on display, perhaps we will get a glimpse of them in all their glory. These works are going to bring so pleasure for all who sees them. Thank you for sharing them with the world! xoxoxox


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