Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Small Observations Walking With Rusty Pups

We walk before the Day Lillies awaken

We walk past tree stumps
reminding me of those years long ago
when people were talking about insects taking over the world!
Perhaps they will.

We walk past grasses arching gracefully 
from what used to be our veggie beds.
We've given up on veggies
now it is left to nature for the butterflies and bees.

And then of course
there is always the favourite huge stick of the day 
that has to accompany us around!

This hot sunshiny summer makes the stream 
a very inviting cooling spot for Rusty Pups
who often dive in and splash their way downstream
disrupting the quiet, still beauty of reflections!

To my surprise I discovered 
there are tiny rusty critters who live close to the stream!

Everything is attracted to our quieter Rusty Pup, Brandy!
Others like the horrible deerfly really bother her
But beautiful butterflies, not so much!

LET me go inside pleeeease.
Rusty Pup, Ginger, is not a fan of the heat
When we sit out on the front porch
She likes to go inside and lie under an open window.
Close enough to still feel part of the pack!

Sometimes the small observations of daily life
are the most important.


  1. Beautiful pups. My dog doesn't like to stay outside long, except he loves his walks with me.

  2. So much fun to go exploring with you and the pups.

  3. I love your observations of nature in the early morning, Penny. xoxo

  4. You remind me that I just need to go round my garden to find lovely things to photograph. Great pictures especially the reflections. xx

  5. I'm with Ginger - inside, out of the heat!

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  7. Such a lively, yet peaceful post Penny. The stump, long stick, brave butterfly and Rusty critter...all a delight! Thank you for sharing :)


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