Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Walking with Rusty Pups

After the rain or perhaps a morning fog

The colours become richer
The browns browner
the reds redder

I do love those browns
See two Rusty Pups?

Fast approaching

Galloping along

and here they are!

They do some pretty weird things
Like to carrying rocks
Whoever picks one up first carries it
Her sister doesn't try and grab it....not ever
as soon as it is dropped because something more interesting turns up
the other one will take her turn and carry it for a while.

 Wonder where they got their love of rocks from!
Well, they have always seen rocks disappear into my pockets.

I hope you find a beautiful rock today.


  1. oh my ... I can't even begin to imagine rock-on-tooth ... dogs are amazing ...

  2. Endless energy and the strangest of interests!

  3. Ohhhhhh these "double" berries !!!
    GREAT that you saw it !

  4. Loved this post, the browns and the rock carrying dogs!

  5. And I bet that rock is cold! Lovely pictures Penny and the pups blend in so well. xx

  6. Carrying rocks - hope that doesn't hurt their teeth! And no doubt you're right in thinking they picked it up from you. I love your dogs (but then again, you already know that).

  7. I dewdrop per berry, a row upon each branch...just beautiful! Silly pups! But hey, rock - stick, what's the difference?!

  8. Love to you Penny and to Richard and the Rusty Pups - so glad to be back here with you at Tanglewood Threads! bethany


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