Sunday 29 November 2020

Time Passages

RP's Brandy and Ginger One Year Ago.... 

....and Today
Can you tell they have swapped sides!
and looking very serious too!

Mark the father 30+ years ago....

....and his daughter today
I suppose we all want to pass our passions down
to the next generation!
Can't say that fishing was ever a passion of mine
Handy Hubby and the boys
were always way more successful!

I hope your next generation is passionate about your loves!


  1. Gosh, haven't the Rusty Pups grown! Our daughter is very sports minded just like her Dad, but neither our daughter or our son have an urge to create or garden like I do.

  2. My goodness, haven't they grown!

  3. They certainly take up a lot more space! That year has gone so quickly and it has been fun watching them grow up. xx

  4. Yeh Penny, so good to see you back on your blog. Been wondering what you are up to. Love the new piece you are working on! And the pups look like they are loving the change of weather and your walks.

  5. I knew they'd swapped sides even without you saying so - they are quite different despite being the same colour. Hard to believe they've grown so much!
    Alas the next generation in my family isn't much interested in what I do - having two sons who in turn have had sons sort of means the needle arts aren't likely to carry on. Our daughters-in-love aren't needle workers either, although one is a painter.

  6. Penny~ They are so adorable and so much bigger! I like seeing how much their heads poke up in relation to the seat back.As far as next generation, yeah, I got nothing going on here. Although my DIL just recently taught herself some embroidery.


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