Monday 13 July 2020

Growing Up Behind the Garage!

She was a great mother
though Handy Hubby reckons
that is the father.

All of a sudden it seemed
all four heads were covered in feathers....

.....One teetered on the edge.....

....and flew into the undergrowth by the stream.
Within four days the nest was empty.
And now we can't tell who is who among all the robins
bobbing about the garden.
In a flash
all grown up.

Makes me wonder how these two munchkins
are getting on.
We had the privilege of having them cross our path
way back in 2016.


  1. Thanks for sharing, great photos!
    We've been watching a couple of wild turkey families in the neighborhood. The little ones are almost as big as the adults now, very entertaining.

  2. All grown up indeed! How quickly they grow..

  3. Our Robin fledglings are cheeky adolescents now - stuffing themselves full of berries and taking over the bird bath...

  4. Love seeing your robin(s)!!! For some reason, our robin never had her eggs hatched this year!!! BUT she is eating the jelly/mixture I put out for the Oriole's!!!! Never knew they would eat jelly mix...but two of them do!!!! And they come up to our deck to bath in the water too!!! Love watching all the birds!

  5. oh, those baby bears! they look so cute when they are little, but I wouldn't want to meet them when they are grown.
    When our kids were young a Canadian friend told them how her family heard loud noises downstairs in the kitchen one night, the Father crept down the stairs, to see a bear in the kitchen! Our Aussie kids were absolutely enthralled by the story.

  6. Great pix Penny, and those baby bears are adorable.

  7. Lovely to watch little ones fledge like that. xx

  8. I love your posts. Penny - the silence and watching, the memories and the photos from your years of walking these trails and paths through your landscape ... bring me peace and joy.

  9. My goodness those wee birds certainly grew fast! Great photos of them and also of the baby bears. Our son (the one in BC) had a baby bear in his garage a couple of weeks ago and he wasn't long getting in the house knowing that Mom wasn't far away. There was nothing in the garage for the bear to eat so he must have just been curious.


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