Sunday 19 July 2020

Day of Memory

The tide recedes but leaves behind
Bright seashells in the sand
The sun goes down but gentle warmth
Still lingers on the land

The music stops and yet lingers on
In sweet refrain.
For every joy that passes
Something beautiful remains.

Something Beautiful Remains
by Martha Vashti Pearson

So, my dearest boy
On this 26th day of memory
life has changed because of Covid19
but your family and friends continue to
carry you closely in hearts full of memory.

You were the best big brother a brother could have!
I reckon you were the best best friend a friend could have
and we are so grateful to them for all the stories
they passed on!
Stories of mischief
Stories of kindness and consideration
Adventures shared.
They all helped enrich our memories.

All my boys have always been
the sunshine in my life.
So proud of you all

God bless.


  1. Heartfelt thoughts to you all. Xxx

  2. Sending hugs. Steve, your memory lives on, I am so grateful to have had you as a friend, you brought a lot of joy and laughs to us, and your outlook on life still resonates with me. Of all the friends I’ve ever had, Steve you are still the coolest , miss you bud!

  3. Reposez en paix RIP.
    Hugs from Normandy, France.

  4. Hugs and love, a beautiful post

  5. Sending you much love, my friend.

  6. Love to you, Penny. The loss continues, but memories do also, along with the love you shared.

  7. Sympathies - this loss is unimaginable. Sharing is important always.

  8. I'm so sorry Penny - to you and your family. He was a handsome young man.

  9. Sending you a warm embrace. Bless you. Sue


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