Monday, 29 June 2020

Hatchlings and Butterflies

Every second day
A new hatchling escapes the confines of its egg
They can't lift their heads at first

But soon they gain the strength

And all of a sudden their beaks are the biggest
brightest part of their tiny little bodies

Like a lot of us
I have been going through fabric and books
trying to eliminate

Donated four boxes of books to our local
Society of Fibre Artists of the Annapolis River
from where I know they will find good homes
It is very hard parting with books and fabric

Gathered together all my brightest and boldest scraps
thinking it was about time they were used up

and so I have dedicated most of my days recently
to butterflies for the grand girls
An old, old pattern I have always loved 
from the early 1900's

One quilt
Fifteen butterfly blocks 
Four butterflies per block
Two quilts to make
How many butterflies is that?!
Holy moly!
It's going to be a while

With two little girls who love pink
it should have been just pink butterflies!
Strangely though I have hardly any pink in my scraps.

But I am having fun
Coloured scraps are knee deep on the floor
leaving no room for Rusty pups to relax.
Every table is covered in colour!

But when overcome with brightness

I can always add some sky stitching to the gently grey beaver sticks piece!

And our morning walk provides the Rusty Pups
with an opportunity to eat their greens!
Actually they think a walk is a buffet
of greens and wood and mud!
We have stopped walking the dyke because
they eat the shells dropped by seagulls.
Well, I have to put my foot down somewhere!

I think these little ones have more discerning tastes!

Have a bright sunshine day


  1. I am totally in love with your Rusty Pups!!! And your quilts! Your style of quilt is fascinating, and I always spend large amounts of time on your blog exploring your quilts. The butterfly quilts are going to be perfect for little girls. I have never seen that particular butterfly pattern. Are they pieced, or appliqued? I can't tell from the pictures.

  2. The girls are going to adore their quilt So! Thank you for this joy filled, life filled post!

  3. Beautiful quilts for girls.

  4. Beautiful quilts for girls.

  5. I feel as if I've had a nice visit with you my dear xo

  6. The quilts will be lovely - that's not a pattern I've seen before, and it's charming. Even if you have a lot of butterflies to do, and the Rusty Pups don't help!

  7. Gorgeous pictures of your hatchlings. Great way to use up your scraps - your grandaughters are lucky young ladies!

  8. Maybe the calcium in the shells? Our terriers liked to crunch up mussel shells he found on the beach, some empty some occupied.

  9. The little birdies are so gorgeous !
    LOVE the butterfly blocks, that splash of colours ! (are the butterflies paper-pieced ?
    Oooooh and your quiet stitch piece with the sticks ... could travel it and gladly loose my way ;-)


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