Sunday 14 June 2020

Slowly Stitching

Slowly stitching in my island of calm

Weeping for injustices around the world

Praying that solutions will be found

Hoping that governments will prove themselves worthy

It is surely a time when drastic systemic change is needed

It is a time to invest in change

It is a time to invest in people

And talking of change
Our garden Robin decided to place her nest atop our garden hose
and we are very grateful to her for that
because they usually nest high above in spruce trees
but this year for a change we can get to watch her.

Eggs of new beginnings
Eggs full of potential for the future
It is hard not to have a heavy heart but
 Perhaps she placed her eggs in sight to remind me
it is possible to make a brighter world
and we are living through the time of change.

I hope you find some jewels in your day


  1. Oh, my dear, I am so with you on this. So glad the robin has given you some delight!

  2. this is such a beautiful reflection of these strange days and your robin has gifted you with placing her nest where you can see her eggs and soon to be babies!

  3. So lovely to have that Robin, what a wonderful colour they are. Feeling upset at what is going on in our world. Here in Australia unfortunately theserotesters don't know, have not been taught history.

  4. Beautiful work and words, dear Penny. Really moving xoxo

  5. Penny you are so talented and a planner extraordinaire! Knowing/seeing where to lay the stitch takes YEARS of focused study and you have mastered the colour, line and design play beautifully! Be well and enjoy the blue!

  6. The blue of sky stitches and eggs - lovely. The robins who nested in our birch are ahead of yours. We watched the fledglings leave yesterday. A gift for sure.

  7. How lovely to have the robin's nest - and such blue eggs. Some drastic change needs to happen - and soon! xx

  8. Looking for jewels in your day - wise words. The entire world should pay heed to those words. Glad to see the tiny little bit of blue in your latest work and those robin eggs - such an incredible colour!

  9. Just what is needed these days. The eggs are gorgeous.


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