Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Trying to Fall in Love with Navy Blue

It struck me one morning as we walked toward the basin
that it was a navy blue sunrise.
My least favourite colour.
Navy blue was the colour of my school uniform
I hated school.

Never worn navy blue since!

So many people tell me blue is their favourite colour.
I resolved that I would face my feelings about Navy blue
and so
Pinned all the blues I have on the design wall.

I'm actually thinking I like these and should work them
into a blue piece.....
I will!
You never know I might turn from greys and browns
and have a year of blues!
They are beautiful aren't they.

I have always loved aquamarine

And a bit of rusting always helps doesn't it!

I will carry on working my way
towards a blue beginning!

Hope you have a sky blue day.


  1. There you are, it's never too late to fall in love with a new colour!

  2. I enjoy reading your imaginative and creative approach to your work. Interesting to me.

  3. Yes!These are all beautiful blues.

  4. Reconceptualize navy blue as indigo. One of my recent fave combos is indigo, teal, darkish grays. ❤

  5. Thanks for sharing your photos and your thoughts.
    I like the word 'reconceptualize' in Connie Rose's comment.
    Your posts help me to do just that. What if I was there and saw what you see?

  6. Ive always had the same problem with grey, that was my school uniform colour! These blues really sing together. Suddenly when you call it indigo it is no longer navy blue anymore and the paler blues make me think of the summer sky.

  7. Strange how little things from school can stay with us for ever! I love blue so of course I love your blue collage and your collection of aquamarine is gorgeous too. xx

  8. Yes! Can't wait to see what you will do with those lovely blues. Ever since I took a Shibori workshop with Glennis Dolce, I've completely fallen in love with indigo blues.

  9. I love your blog and artwork and smiled when I saw this post. I can't seem to work without blue :). Looking forward to what you do with these lovely shades of indigo. IMHO they go beautifully with the warm, earthy tones and neutrals you love to use.

  10. totally get not working with blue, I have not been a blue loving kind of gal...my love of greens & Autumn colours have for a long time been my favourites....but over the last couple of years I have been popping a few teals & 'indigo' in my patchwork projects. And of course a bit of blue sets off rust beautifully!

  11. Well, dear stitch pal - Blue suits you and the gorgeous sky in your post was a hint that maybe a turn was about to happen, and I am delighted that you will consider a year of BLUE! Let the sky, water, beautiful blue reflections on the snow and in the creeks and even in the indigo bits you can dye be a guide...I cannot wait to see where the new adventure goes! I think I will send you a little envelope of my blue indigo experiments and some silk/painted prints t include! For the Love of Blue!! xo

  12. ooooh - blue - my favourite! I can understand why you would have an aversion to it if you didn't like school, but on the other hand you have so much water in your area that you'd think it would be an inspiration. I'm not a fan of baby pink. (btw - in the 4th photo there's a pottery bowl which looks almost identical to one my son made for me in public school...same colour and shape!).

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