Sunday 9 February 2020

Love Getting Started on New Work

Starting new work
Pinning bits and pieces
Here and there.
Sitting down to ponder on how I feel about these combinations
A book of Egon Schiele landscapes catches my eye
I pick it up
It opens to a painting Autumn Tree in Turbulent Air
Which takes me back a few years to a walk in the woods
When I came across an uprooted tree lying across my path
It's roots swirled and curled six feet into the air
A rock still held tightly within their grasp
At about eye level.


And so the story begins

The strip of fabric on the right
is silk velvet
with the texture of tree bark

I started by rusching it onto a pre-felt base
Treated it very badly in the washer and dryer.
Once dried I unstitched the rippled velvet
from the pre-felt

Lots of work but worth it in my opinion

Meanwhile out on the dykes
our morning walks have been pretty dramatic

Not that the sunrise is of any interest to the Rusty Pups
They prefer to have their nose to the ground
Or look into the distance wondering how far we will go today!

 I hope your new beginnings are exciting to you too.


  1. AHHHHHHH that velvet !!!!!!!
    (touching it in my mind ;-) !)

  2. Not sure where you are going with this velvet but it looks fascinating. I am stitching together a 9 patch of eco dyed silk. Not sure where this is going either. Love the pups, they have grown.

  3. I went on interest followed with invite to the Sissiboo Café to hear a woman's story of walking The Way.
    We just met 3 hours prior on a nearby hike with Fundy Eratics.
    Happenchance harmony! The Way story ended & she left me alone to fall mesmerized in love with your story of story's. Everyday stories woven in the fabrics of life. I pondered for hours with your journals & listening with my eyes on the walls at Sissiboo Café in Bear River.
    You know the inadequateness of words! Yet let me be grateful & humbly blessed❣

  4. Looks like another beauty in progress. Your work is alaways inspirational. Love it. Power to your needle!

  5. So your intriguing. That velvet. Thank you..

  6. Penny - you are simply a thread magician - I am fascinated by the 'tree bark'. Cannot wait to see your piece evolve. Watching and sending a hug! Stay warm... bethany

  7. I love the effect of that velvet - isn't it satisfying to alter and adapt materials to get just the effect you want!

  8. Love how you manipulated that velvet! Can't wait to see more of this piece in progress!

  9. Oh wow - you've given me ideas now! I never would have thought of making tree bark that way but how perfect is it. I"m looking forward to seeing this one evolve Penny (and skritches to those Rusty Pups, please).


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