Thursday 16 January 2020

Two Show Openings Saturday 18th, Two Provinces

Connection Fibre Artists show Re:Fashion
is moving from Wellington County Museum
Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre
33 Victoria Street N, Southampton, Ontario
if you are anywhere in the vicinity on Saturday
do pop in and explore
the amazing work of this group of talented people.
I am one of them....
....and I'm sorry I can't be there....
....because it is a great show.

I will be in Nova Scotia's beautiful Bear River 
at the Sissiboo Coffee Roaster for the opening of
a show I share with my friend Diane.
Do drop in
we both love to chat and share our explorations with you.

Thank you Erin for all your help
You were amazing!
And a huge thank you to our two husbands
Richard and Harold
who are always so supportive of our endeavours.

Diane had the forethought to bring along iron and ironing board.

So why the title Wednesdays
Since 2008 Diane and I have been meeting....yes
on Wednesdays!
Everyone knows we are unavailable
on Wednesdays!

 Both of us find our inspiration in nature
and are always happy to explore our environment
for local materials and inspiration.

One corner of the show is dedicated to a few
of our explorations

We even found space for a few of the stone pathways to hang
Handy Hubby and I both forgot to take the actual stones
that we usually displayed with them.
Getting old!

I like these two together
Diane's on the left

Hanging a show always does me in
but after four hours of work
it is worth it
textiles always make a place warm and inviting
especially in a cold Canadian winter!

See you Saturday


  1. Yes, hanging an exhibition is an exhausting business. And then there's the Private View, and you have to be on sparkling form!

    I hope they both go well!

  2. Oh how I wish I were closer and could be at "Wednesdays" Opening...both of you are wonderfully talented, inspired and truly extraordinary artists! Best wishes on a wonderful event and here's to a great run. I too will miss Bruce County - we are KNEE DEEP in snow.
    Love bethany

  3. so wonderful to see your pieces hanging ~ being able to see the completed pieces, as we often only see the close up as part of your progress. Stunning body of work ~ congratulations to you both.

  4. What a great opportunity for you and your friend, Diane. It's good to share your inspiration, other's might be encouraged to start stitching too.
    Beautiful work.

  5. Oh how I wish I could come to your show! It would be such a delight to see your work up close and personal. I love the 'Wednesdays' concept and can truly identify with that because I have two long-time friends and have gotten together with them (Tuesday for one and Thursday for the other) for over 30 years. They're not artists but our coffee dates are practically cast in stone for us.

  6. This exhibit takes my breath away. I could feel my heart start to r Ibeat faster. It is so gorgeous, I would love a closer look. It calls to be seen. And this palette, subtle, peaceful, rich. I will go study them a little closer again. WoW! So happy to have found you!

  7. I must add to my post. It's a beautiful show, you guys hung it perfectly. It is such a cohesive body of work, that one wants to get up close and personal with. How lucky to be partners on Wednesday play dates all these years. That's a gift. Love your corner of explorations. People love that. The stone pathways are amazing. Yes, the real rocks probably are too. Lucky people who get to see this show. I'm way to far away in Hawaii, but am grateful for the virtual visit. Mahalo.

  8. Congrats on your show Penny. Your and Diane's pieces flow so well together. So wish I was closer to see in person. xoxoxo


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