Saturday 3 August 2019

Rusty Pups and Their New Skills

They have worked out how to climb the stairs
So nowhere is safe anymore
All doors are shut tight.

And it appears the stairs are quite delicious.

 I have been thinking of changing their collective name from Rusty Pups
but then sometimes
is more appropriate

Sleeping beneath my box of dreams
would be considered an 'Adorable' moment.

When those moments of quiet occur
I stitch waves of bushes and foliage

I think the title of this piece will be
She Loved The Woods

The Deadline for this piece us coming up fast
So I'm hoping it will tell me it's story is complete pretty soon!

Right now I am adding an evergreen canopy...

....above woodland bushes.

But the pups are awake again
deciding whether to play with a long legged rooster.
an old sock
wouldn't it be even more fun to dig up the garden.
We've never had diggers before!

They love greeting visitors
especially Handy Hubby on his return from golf.


  1. Climbing the stairs is one thing - but have they figured out how to get down? I suppose you could call them the Adorable Deplorables (but I do like Rusty Pups). Good thing they sleep sometimes so you can get some stitching time. Hopefully they both crash at the same time!

  2. I love your She Loved The Woods!!!!! And the pups are ADORABLE...quite a challenge having pups but so worth it!!!

  3. Yes, great name, She Loved the Woods. Your stitches are beautiful.
    And your Rusty Pups are adorable/deplorable. You're very patient, you'll get good results.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. That stitched piece is beautiful! And of course those pups are just so adorable. xx

  5. I love your work! I could spend hours just poring over it. All those stitches!!! ;-)
    Your pups look like a challenge. We adopted a 2-year old standard poodle two years ago (we had had two, but one passed, so we needed a little brother for the remaining one). I'd forgotten how destructive even a 2-year-old could be. Thankfully we've all survived and he is a very delightful 4 now. I hope it doesn't take so long for your Rusty Pups to mature!

  6. I am loving your project! Are you going to add pups to it?

  7. adore your pups so glad for you that you got them

  8. thank you for the close-up shots ... I love how your stitches enhance the subtle marks on the cloth ... and the title fits so well


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