Sunday, 21 July 2019

Grateful for Snatched Minutes

Ready to receive visitors on the front porch
planning their next mischief...

like digging between the sofa cushions before a nap.

That is when I can snatch a few moments.

A few stitches.

But then, 
if you leave them unsupervised
and forget to bring the newspaper in,
you will return to a million scattered fragments.

and..... oh, yes,
I'd forgotten what a puppy's reaction to a broom would be!

But no matter
Order is soon restored....

....and we can all relax again until the next puppy mischief.

The Rusty Pups have doubled in size since they arrived.
They are going to be so big!

And one day it will be safe to let them lounge around the studio
and not eat my threads or fabric!


  1. They're growing so fast! I can relate on a smaller
    scale. Beautiful stitching!

  2. Love the "little" ones! HA I do remember the puppy stage but you still love them...

  3. Double Trouble! Yes, they are certainly growing so quickly. Glimpses of some beautiful stitching too. xx

  4. Ah, my new Welsh Springer spaniel likes to help me rug hook. :)

  5. Oh the adorable-ness when I see those rusty pups!! And they have the right idea - all that bad news in the newspaper is a downer and not good reading material. They're obviously great critics!


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