Monday, 3 June 2019

Walking Muskoka Woodlands

Walking Muskoka woodlands 
Rustling layer upon layer of Maple leaves

The grand girls filled the woods with giggles and brightness

Fallen trees criss-crossed the ground
Nature at work

I wasn't the only photographer
 I wished I had bright yellow boots too!

Lakes are strewn all over this land of trees
Rocks too

Magnificent rock walls can stop you in your tracks

One thing for sure you won't find either one of these
in Muskoka!

But you might come across a few of these

And you will for sure come across folk with a sense of humour!

Water is never far away

And big sticks abound for small dogs to test their strength with!

Learning to fish is a serious business in this family!

Ashley actually caught a fish
and used the occasion to practice her big fish tale technique!

Brett and Amber have chosen a beautiful environment to call home.
Thank you both.


  1. love that "beware" sign ... and your sweet companions

  2. What is it about dogs and sticks longer than themselves?

    But what wonderful forests you have to wander...

  3. Sweet grand girls! Yes, I'd like some bright yellow boots too. What a wonderful time you had, beautiful surroundings.

  4. Those yellow boots are the envy of us all I think! And the 'beware' sign is perfectly fun - have to appreciate the sense of humour behind it.


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