Monday, 24 June 2019

Living with Puppies

Because we share this land with coyotes and bobcats
outside activity (and there is a lot of it!)
has to be constantly supervised.

Sometimes one needs to find sanctuary

I made the mistake of thinking I would get some weeding done
as I supervised outdoor activities.
Of course the Rusty Pups wanted to help and so 
they discovered the joys of
romping through foliage
and tasty flowers.

And boy the garden WAS beautiful this year!

 They also discovered the joys of munching on tiny stones.
Quite an acquired taste.

With trees being chopped up we are all covered in tree sap
 impossible to remove!

What the heck is all that water falling from the skies?

Who can resist this face!

A stick always has to be shared.

Soon I am going to have to find some snippets of time
to get back to stitching two pieces started earlier in the month.

They have to be one next month.

But the sun is shining and Rusty Pups also need to be trained!


  1. The rusty pups are growing so fast and so cute!
    We also watch our pup under skies with hawks
    coasting overhead.
    Love what you're stitching.

  2. Thanks for sharing your photos, lots of fun!
    Your stitching project looks great, yes, finding time is the trick!

  3. YOur begun works are so interesting, but I got quite taken by those two little beauties helping you in the garden. Enjoy the puppyhood days.

  4. Those rusty pups just melt your heart ~ the photo of your home is beautiful with the flowering rhododendron framing the photo.

  5. Keeping you on your toes then Penny! They are gorgeous. xx

  6. I didn't laugh when I read that the garden 'WAS beautiful this year' - not that I would ever for one moment think that the mini rusty pups would have anything to do with that!!! No, I didn't laugh (but I did do a lot of oohing and awwwwwing!).

  7. O dear they are sooooooooooooooooooooo sweat! But I guess a handful too at this age... :-)

  8. So glad you have a new generation of RP's in your life & that you share them with us here in the blogosphere! Looking forward to seeing how your work progresses.


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