Friday, 14 April 2017

Working to a Specific Size

Along with the piece I wrote about on Wednesday
this is another piece for a show this summer.
They all have to be a specific size
I don't like being told what I am or am not allowed to do.
But once committed 
you have to follow through.

At the beginning of March this one looked like this
So it has changed a bit

It's been stitched with thick threads
 and thin threads

Two boulders coming together

I have just started to embellish the leaf print section

 Sometimes well meaning friends
tell me to stop stitching
leave it plain

but that is not the way I work
the more stitches

the more textures

the more interesting things become to me

and the drape of the cloth with all that thread on it
is part of this medium that draws me in.


  1. I hate working to a specific size too, but I have to say penny, that these two pieces are really looking fine.
    Sometimes, having a deadline and a challenge like this pull things out of an artist that we have no idea are in there. Working at our art is how we find them - it's the doing.
    Well done!!

  2. Sometimes restrictions actually help, but it's usually easier if they are restrictions you pick rather than someone else...

  3. Amazing sometimes though what can happen when we have a parameter---i did a show a few years back and originally thought i had 3feetx3feet to work with--turns out it was 3INCHES square! I did some of my best work learning to pare down for that one!

  4. These pieces are just right to my eye. I like all the texture; your dense stitching shows me who you are.

  5. More stitches, most definitely. More texture, a must. I am on the left coast rockin' you on Penny!

    Your self portrait. Damn fine if you asked me. Laughed about your spots. Me too.

    And all the stones of the week. Make me weak.

  6. I never tried to follow limitation. I am probably missing the challenge of it.
    The feel of the medium is the thing I love too.

  7. Glorious textures . . . it's all about the texture. If my sight were to fail my fingers would tell me the story.

    And it sounds like none of us take kindly to being told what or how to do much at all . . . there is an independent rebel in all of us and long may she shout.

  8. I love the stitch - the more the merrier! xx

  9. You have to work to what makes you fulfilled, not what others suggest - after all, their fulfillment is different from yours.


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