Monday 10 April 2017

Seven Plus One

One is for speckled

But it is also for oneself
because on the first day I was at drawing class
where we had to do a ginormous self portrait.
We were told to come prepared to get dirty
Boy did I get dirty!
This was drawn with charcoal from a fire pit.
My favourite bit is the three little holes in my T-shirt
created one summer while bleaching fabric.
I'm looking very serious
and my excuse is
that I was looking at small bits of myself
through a very small hand mirror!

Two is for special
This rock I carry everywhere with me
It means a lot
Fits in my hand perfectly

Three is for stripes
Layers of growth
Nature's layers so much prettier than mine.

Four is for rusted favourite

Five is for marbled smoothness

Six is for Springtime pink!

Seven is for mended
When a stone is scarred with a chunk missing
You cut into your fabric
seeing a tiny mustard coloured mark
you have to turn that into a tiny darned mending.


  1. I scroll back & forth, looking at your interpretation of each rock...I always pick out one that is my favourite, and No. 4 it is!
    Amazing drawing, you must have artistic DNA!

  2. I really am loving your rocks. Regarding the beeswax furniture polish, I think you would have to make one out of paper using a form (rock?)and then use the wax. Kitchen plastic, then lots of paper and then cut the shape from the rock, we did that needle felting with either Jan Beaney or (too tired, the other one)years ago. I still have that rock.

  3. Charcoal is fun to work with, but distinctly messy!

  4. No. 4 is my favorite too!! I envy you, your charcoal work. I have no skill, nor talent to draw in any medium and can just see myself covered with charcoal and a very abstract mess of nothing on the page *smile. I love this posting!!

  5. I'm loving #3 and the others all a close second. charcoal is messy but makes here a soft line...lovely.

  6. Some interesting pebbles this week Penny - I like your 'special' one and number one. Just how ginormous is ginormous? What an interesting thing to do. xx

  7. I must say that seeing #2 was pretty cool - can't imagine drawing myself (well, technically, I can't imagine drawing at ALL!!). But my favourite has to be the teeny tiny mended one.


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