Monday 27 March 2017

Sands of Time

These projects that I undertake
are all about time.
Recording time
The passage of time
Marking cloth each day.

This week Time has been on my mind
and of course the pebbles of these Stone Pathways
must be the oldest of Nature's wonders 
in this land that I inhabit.
Seems appropriate.

Sometimes my attempts are rather clumsy.
This one deserves a softer, gentler touch
but time is cruel
and marches on despite my desire
to take it back and start again.

Oh, to be able to control time.
Slow it down
To give me more of it.

I remember wishing as a child
that I might be able to
speed up those long seemingly endless school semesters
or terms as we used to call them in my day.
Like prison terms as far as I was concerned.

Then I would have liked to be able to 
s-l-o-w  d-o-w-n
those glorious periods of freedom from school.
School holidays
Especially the longer Summertime ones.

A wrinkle in time
Time and cloth come together so often.
Perhaps I should be wrapping these stones in cloth.

Layering time
Cloth fragments layered and stitched.

Stitch a mark every day.


  1. I can understand that you might want to re-do some of them, because I sometimes want to redo my pieces, but I like the ones you've done as you've done them.

  2. "Time" is the perfect story for rocks. Perhaps this one or that one started out as huge rock and over the millennia has broken, rolled, been pelted with rain and snow all to become what they are today. There's a story inside each one and I'm so glad you are transforming into cloth.

  3. Time and rocks do seem to go together, both outlive us but it is nice to contribute something to both while we are here. Sorry that sounds rather twee, what happens early in the morning!

  4. the only change i would make is where i am sitting....i would be really small and would be sitting on your cloths, leaning back against the rock. because i would be Mother Nature admiring my work...and yours!

  5. so interesting to 'look' at how you treat each stone with your stitches...I especially like the stone with the hole.

  6. Wonderful words & equally wonderful stones. Not one moment of time has been wasted in the making of these treasures, or the sharing of this pathway with us. Thank you. xx

  7. catching up on my online favorite spots and these, these are so terrific. i didn't read your text, just looked and looked and am writing to say THANKS!

  8. You may not be totally happy with your interpretations at times, but when they're seen overall with the rest you won't even notice. Personally I think they're great!


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