Friday 28 October 2016

Walking the Marshlands

We popped across the road to walk Steve and Andi's marshlands.
Apart from being super neighbours,
Andi is a wonderful photographer and artist.
It was a dark and angry afternoon
but it looks like the sky is clearer over the mountain
on the Bay of Fundi.
We live somewhere in those woods that climb the mountain.

Neat rows of yellowing trees line the edge of the marsh
whereas the mountain ridge in the distance
seems more chaotic in it's Fall browns and greens.

The marshes are home to wonderful grasses
and of course a beaver damn.
Sorry I didn't photograph the damn simply because
the beavers were more sensible than us....
....they stayed indoors for the afternoon.
It was wet and windy.
Next time.

Me thinks there might be inspiration for a piece
in this photograph.
This is our stream... it tumbles down the mountain
swooshes through our pond and around the garden
under the road and
 down here it zigzags through the marshes.

The clouds are closing in.
Time to go home for a hot cup of tea.


  1. I think the beavers have a point. I hope you had a lovely cup of tea when you got back!

  2. oh boy...that first picture is talking to me....

  3. Oh yes, I can see 'Penny' stitched all over that inspirational photo ! Thanks for sharing pic.s of your piece of the planet !

  4. Fall is a beautiful thing over at your place!


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