Sunday 30 October 2016

Thanksgiving in Collingwood

When you are two years old

you feel safe in the arms of your Dad

You can climb Blue Mountain with a whole bunch of
family and friends and.... a fallen down 'castle' right at the top
ask your Dad to make you one of your very own.

You can wonder at how the land stretches out to meet the lake.

And then spy the lake getting closer.

When you're two you go to dance class with your Mummy...

....and learn to walk like an elephant....

....and groove to the music.

When you're two you go to the gym....

....and seek the refuge of Mummy's lap when it's time to top up 
your liquids between activities.


  1. I hope, for Mummy and Daddy's sake, that walking like an elephant meant as quietly as an elephant - because apparently they walk very quietly indeed...!

  2. Oh the possibilities....when you are two.

  3. Precious, thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures. She's getting so big - quite the girl. "When you are two you know you have one of the best grandma's ever!!!"

  5. So beautiful this young family of yours Penny... bright smiles and wonderful shared adventures! So glad you were able to be with them for Thanksgiving!


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