Wednesday 26 October 2016

All Caught Up Crumb-wise - Week Forty-Three

Handy Hubby has always thought that stitching the cross
or cruciform for a year was a pretty weird choice....
....that is because he associates it with religion.
But to me I think of the more ancient symbolism.
To the Celts it is the meeting place of divine energies.
Ancient Greeks used it to represent the four elements.
The Hopi used it as North, South, East and West
the four points on the horizon.
And in the Middle East it also represented the four winds.
I am sure there are many more meanings.

Red on the other hand is the colour of
blood and fire
love and passion
Joy and strength
Courage and Vigour
not to mention rage, danger and stress
but also
action, vibrance, radiance and determination.

Handy Hubby, the Rusty Pups and myself
are getting back in the routine of walks along the dyke.

That day the tide was coming in
and it wasn't long before this seagull lost his rocky island.

You can see him still perched there on the waters
beneath the North Mountain
which protects us from so much weather that travels up
the Bay of Fundy.

Basalt rock protects the dykes from wear and tear.
It was quarried from the North Mountain.

The tides are still pretty high.
Haven't seen a low tide mudflat since I got home.


  1. And the reds and oranges also recall the Rusty Pups..!

  2. I love your work. Every time I see a blog post, I like what I see - and I look at soooo many embroidery/textile blogs and artworks.

  3. I'm drawn to this the mixing in of pieces and the stitches...this one a beauty to me!

  4. What is it about circles? I love them & I like your stitches in this piece.
    Gorgeous Autumn colours in your photos.

  5. Beautiful photos, here we are going into summer.

  6. I'd love to smell the air on the water. So many fine red stitches.


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