Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Islands In The Stream

Funny how the ice gathers....

....around rocks in the stream....

....joining some together.

Eventually the ice will meet and completely cover the stream.

After that walk I went searching through
my scraps for islands I might have created.
This was the very first piece of batik I ever attempted
many years ago at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Years after that my very first Indigo dye vat produced these.

More recently these little discharge islands were formed.


  1. you are a genius at observing nature and connecting it to stitch. x

  2. love how you call them islands. as usual I love your work!and your photos.

  3. There's a certain family feeling there!

  4. the last one is so icy, i would want to play with that one. will you?

    rocks can be soooo cold....but they are also the first to warm up...rather oxymoron-ish, that mother nature

  5. islands, circles, stitch ... fits !

  6. I love Judy Martin's comment. You are not only an observer of the beauty in nature, you have the creativity to bring it alive once back home in your studio. Lovely!

  7. Love your islands Penny (I'm curious if they will appear in your scratchings too ;-) ...)

  8. Am I the only one that now has Kenny Rogers voice in my head? I heartily dislike winter, but can't help but admire the wonderful ice sculptures that occur. I remember when I was a kid on the farm being totally fascinated by the incredible frost designs on the barn window glass.


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