Tuesday 26 January 2016

Feeling Good and Grateful To Be Stitching Again

Feels good to have this piece back in my lap

Slow stitch

Rhythmic stitch

I am attempting to create a lighter full moon
which will hopefully show up more
once it is completely surrounded with the darker stitches.
A moon reflected in the flowing waters of the Annapolis Basin.


  1. It's already beginning to emerge from the background - you may not need to do as much as you think!

  2. I picture you sitting quietly on a winter afternoon stitching these 'winter' threads. This is lovely!

  3. Beautiful rendering ... I very much like the subtlety of it

  4. lovely, i love to stitch, especially mending vintage clothing that belonged to a family member

  5. As always I am fascinated with what you do.

  6. Penny, I always find your work inspiring and beautiful. It makes me want to put everything aside and pick up my needle and thread.


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