Monday, 25 January 2016

A Crumb for Monday

Finally put the computer and sewing machine aside
and was able to get back to hand stitching.

Filling in small bits and pieces 
with whatever came to mind.
You can see that I first couched with a grey thread
but wasn't happy with that
way too calm and predictable.
I like the little sharp specks of black
Perhaps like a kitten testing it's claws.

Just a few stitches in the background.

Playtime with scraps
Stitching as the mood grabs me
Hopefully will loosen up as the Crumbs pile up!


  1. Oh I love that touch of black. Such a nice thing to do, just sit and stitch at random with whatever is on hand. We've been snow bound for the past few days (very unusual for this part of the country) but its been great fun for me. Stitching and reading and looking out at the lovely scenery.

  2. Playtime. What a lovely thought. And yes, there's that little extra "snap" with the black, isn't there!

  3. i love it! what a great idea, gather some scraps in a basket and when you feel like stitching you do!

  4. Nice piece - I love the simplicity. xx


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