Monday 7 December 2015

Scratching Under Water

November ended with a flood

but first I had to go back and add stitches.
Last week's moon just looked naked
lost in a sea of flat muslin

In my humble opinion
you can never have too many stitches.
The cloth comes to life
valleys and hills 
shadow and light
send the eye on an exploratory journey
around the image.

Then there are the regular 
lines of samples from years gone by.

You don't see blue in my work very often
the rains came
the most rain we have ever seen.

One stream broke it's banks

If you look carefully you can see
it swooshing through the woods
and flowing into the vegetable garden.
Trouble is it didn't stop there.
It worked it's way into the basement
which, by the way, is fine again
but was very wet for a couple of days.

We thought our little bridge would get swept away
but it stood strong.
I wonder how the beavers did further down stream.


  1. Yikes! Good to know your basement is recovering!

  2. Whoa -- I'm so glad that it didn't do any permanent damage. As always your stitchings are amazing.

  3. It seems that Mother Nature is having issues again - she appears to believe in feast or famine. Perhaps, just perhaps, she's menopausal?

  4. Shame about the flooding Penny - at least it was only the basement but still frightening I am sure. Great stitching - I am going to resurrect my band sampler after Christmas. xx

  5. Goodness, this was pretty wet for you!


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