Thursday 31 December 2015

Scratched to the End

Daily scratchings have rolled to an end.

I have always liked this thready sample from years back.

Long Bullion knots and shiny beads
on loose weave fabric stitched to create holes and lumps and bumps.

I used to manipulate fabrics
and have a dog-eared copy of Colette Wolff's
"The Art of  Manipulating Fabric"

Gathering surfaces into textures
used to be my thing

....some dyed and some painted.

I used to stitch on onion bags too.

The snow rolled in after Christmas this year

One day it was warm and mild
then we got over a foot of snow.

No wind this time
but lots and lots of snow.

And now our world has turned white again....
....well this is Canada after all!

Now I have four years of Daily Scratchings
yards, and yards 
and it is time to move on.
I have been musing about a similar daily routine
should I go huge?
With huge I would be stressing about a resolved design. 
Perhaps I should stitch pages of a fabric book
and write like a journal on alternate pages.
Should I stitch small individual experiments?
Small might allow for 'play'
but then it might end up in many small pieces
suitable for another show.
I have been going back and forth over all these ideas.


  1. You must have yards and yards of scratchings! I will certainly be interested to see what you move on to...

  2. Happy New Year - whatever wil be your decisiton - huge or small - I will read your posts with interest.

  3. Beautiful work and variety in color and texture. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  4. Cut up the scratchings and randomly piece them together?

  5. I like the idea of stitching a daily something on a large piece of plant dyed linen - filling it with stitch, layering those stitches over each other for a year. If you only had 3 minutes - that would be OK. If you had 30 minutes - that would be OK too.
    But whatever you decide to do with your scratching talent will be beautiful - I am sure of that.
    Happy New Year dear Penny. xo

  6. I am rather sad that there will be no more scratchings, but I can understand you wanting to move on. Can't wait to see what you decide to do next! Happy 2016 - much love, laughter and creativity to you.

  7. Happy New Year! Looking forward to your next project Penny. I am almost finished my stitch scroll. This is my first year and I have loved doing it every have been an inspiration to me!

  8. Happy New Year Penny - looking forward to seeing what you do in 2016. xx

  9. I have so enjoyed these scrolls of stitches and didn't realize four years. Interesting to find oneself on a threshold of new ways...I will be watching for what you choose. Happy New Year!

  10. Like the others have said, I too have enjoyed the weekly visits here to see what has transpired. Moving on...I rather like Judy M.'s idea of a large cloth with daily additions. I can also picture added bits from walks with the RP's. Small treasures found....leaves, grass seed heads, stones, feathers. Maybe the days between treasures could be small scraps of fiber? I know I come across scraps all the time that make me smile, that my family thinks is just trash. I could go on..but I won't. Happy New Year Penny!

  11. WOW!!! That is stupendous, Penny! A gargantuan effort!! You MUST show it somewhere??? I am on day 47 of a 365 photo thing- a photo a day for a year! Some days it is just HARD to get a new photo but you have never let down! You're my HERO(ine) Well Done you. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  12. Just getting caught up. I've loved your stitchings but also can't wait to see what you decide will replace them. Whatever it is I know it will be beautiful and thoughtful.

  13. Just getting caught up. I've loved your stitchings but also can't wait to see what you decide will replace them. Whatever it is I know it will be beautiful and thoughtful.

  14. you'll figure it out. i can't wait!

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  16. Whatever you figure out will be well worth watching for ;) Congrats on a 4 year journey !

  17. Dear Penny....awesome it so much seeing it growing..

    Hugs for the rusty puppys ( they both alive i hope?)
    Hugs too from the 2 blackones


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