Monday 21 December 2015

Scratching Into December

Do months have colours for you?
For me December is warm a warm deep claret.
Might be because it is getting cold outside
and with the arrival of each winter I seem to feel it more and more.

A sample heart made with Jude many years ago now.

Rows of samples

Perhaps you need some green in December too.

Certainly need some stars
the nights so far have been heavy with clouds
not a star to be seen.

Hope all your baking is done
and presents are wrapped.

A huge parcel arrived from Ontario
so tempted to open it ahead of time!


  1. We finally had a couple of cold days but woke up this morning to more dull and rain. I'm not a winter fan but at least it should be cold this time of year! Had a tiny little skiff of snow over the weekend but of course it's gone now. Green Christmas here I think.

  2. Winter colors with the beautiful red and mostly just a joyful noise of colors stitches stars and hearts...Happy Winter Dreams!

  3. Nowhere close to ready, but fortunately I have an understanding family!

    I think December is a sort of crisp navy blue...

  4. Oh Penny, such lovely scratching. I am being made a misery with arthritis in my hands (and other places) but still trying to stitch. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and 2016 is good to you and yours.

  5. Still wrapping gifts and a little cooking and it's now Christmas Eve. It's 33c here today and although I like red & green for Christmas decorating, I have noticed that local front lawns & some local horse paddocks are turning a golden wheat colour...another very hot Summer is predicted. Best wishes for a lovely Christmas with your family. Stay warm, as I try to stay cool!


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