Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Tactile Notebook

Twelve of us gathered in ARCAC's beautiful new room
to a classroom filled to the brim with inspiration.
Inspiration on clotheslines
inspiration in piles on tables.
It had taken Sandra many hours to arrange the room
and all her materials.
She is a generous and caring teacher.

So many wise words
were dotted about the room

to inspire us in our personal journeys with words

Diane and Chris mixing paint for all of us.

Anything can make the word

 Linda, Karen, Diane, Celeste, Ilga, Sandra 
and Val with her back to us
sharing pages from her notebook.

Jamie showing
Val, Karen and Kathryn her handmade notebook.

I think we all have magical memories of our three days with Sandra.
As I said
Sandra is a warm and inspirational teacher.
Just two things Sandra reminded me of...
the importance of 
ritual in our creative lives
the equally important daily recording
of our very personal reaction to the words
and experiences of our daily lives. 

Wish it had been much longer.

Though we are complete novices at this
Diane and I hope to continue bringing inspirational
teachers to our region.
In fact the next one is 
Dorothy Caldwell in September.
Can't wait!


  1. Oh yay! After reading your last post, I was hoping you would share a little about your class. It looks like it was a wonderful experience. Can't wait to see what evolves from what you learned :)

  2. I hope you go from strength to strength, inspired by what sounds like a really wonderful few days!

  3. I just looked up Sandra's work : I'm very much in love with what I saw !
    I can imagine her "mark-making" appeals to you a lot too !
    (you are a daily mark-maker, Penny ;-) !)

  4. How interesting and exciting to have such women come and share their work and ideas with you all.


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