Sunday, 14 June 2015

Rusty Pups

It has been quite a week
Our morning walk along the dike
is such a relief and a comfort.

So lucky to be able to walk with my two RP companions.
Whilst I was off hosting our workshop
RP Kayla was in fact fighting for her life
(it was only at the end of the week that
Handy Hubby and our vet told me how severe it had been).
RP Kayla has Lyme disease
she has just started seven weeks of antibiotics.
Amazing that she nearly died at the beginning of the week
and by the end of the week she was comfortable enough
to try a walk along the dike.
We made it short.
We used to be told our region was Lyme free
but not any more
The tick population is exploding.
We walked trying to keep away from the grass and trees
not an easy thing.

How nice to be back with the black ducks,
seagulls, Canada geese, cormorants,
loons, eagles and osprey.

The air was fresh
and the mist was rising
the start of another sunshiny day.
I hope RP Kayla enjoyed her walk.
By the way
I call them pups
but they are in fact 75 years old!


  1. Wishing Kayla a speedy recovery.

  2. Scary! I hope Kayla has a full and speedy recovery.

  3. Oh noooooo! Poor Kayla!

    I do hope she recovers and that no other nasty ticks cause problems for either of them (or you!)

    They are magnificent creatures...and looking very good for 75!! :-)

    x C

  4. Ticks are awful here to (Arkansas) ... I didn't realize how bad they were or i might not have agreed to move to AR.... but i'm here and we have to deal with them...I used to live up North ( PA and NJ) when i was a kid and we absolutely did not go in the woods during warm weather.. Do you put a flea/tick collar on the pups or some such stuff?? And i always washed our dogs with flea and tick shampoo... Its a pain but soo worth it... Wishing your pup well. Hugs! deb

  5. We cottage in a tick hot spot. We make sure our mini schnauzer takes his Lyme disease and tick meds every month. A good investment in his health. Take care Kayla!

  6. So sorry to hear about Kayla, but SO glad she's on meds and recovering. I don't think there's any place left where ticks aren't a problem. Animals everywhere are becoming disease-prone just like humans. The bugs and viruses are going to outlast us all. Have a good week. Hugs.

  7. Glad to know RP Kayla is improving. They are a gorgeous looking pair!

  8. Penny, so sorry, but glad it was diagnosed in time. Sometimes I think they are harder than children to take care of, because they can't talk. Luckily you know them so well. Love and tummy tickles to them both.

  9. I am glad to see Kayla, the lady, on a walk - I wish her good recovery.

  10. Penny, am so glad to hear Kayla is on the mend.

  11. All best wishes for your dear sweet pup .... may her mending be swift!

  12. ticks are vile creatures. the one good thing about South Australia being the driest state on the driest continent is that we don't have them. although with climates changing so erratically, who knows?
    wishing the rusty one a speedy recovery.

  13. I am so sadly behind in my blog reading and so didn't know about this - I'm so sorry that Kayla has had an encounter with one of those horrible ticks. They keep trying to assure us that they aren't a problem and we know they are just saying that to try to curb the panic. I'm happy to hear that Kayla is doing better and hopefully she will continue to mend. Lyme is not to be trifled with, that'

  14. I'm late too - having spent the past 10 days with grandchildren. I'm so thankful that Kayla is doing well. I've heard about Lyme disease in pets and know how awful it can be. Here's to her continued recovery.


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