Thursday, 30 October 2014

Last Week's Scratchings

Getting back into the groove...slowly

We were swept along the dike by strong blowing winds
beneath dark grey clouds

Tuesday started early with blood tests....tai shopping
followed by a grey wet day.

Drove across the province in heavy rain
on puddled roads to attend a FAB meeting where we played with glue guns.
Got back from yoga on Friday to swarms of grackles in the garden.

Stitching in an attempt to brighten up a grey rainy weekend.


  1. I'm sure the stitching worked - it looks wonderfully bright and cheerful!

  2. I am loving your scratching, missing not doing it myself but don't seem to have the energy.

  3. stitching magic on your cloth, brightening up your day, so positive of you.

  4. Those blowing clouds have such lovely fluid lines.


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