Sunday, 2 November 2014

Breaking Patterns

This week four of us from the Artist's Way Collective
drove down to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Yarmouth 
and hung our show
"Breaking Patterns"

Sherry, Giselle, Nadine and I worked very hard that day!
Oh, yes, and Handy Hubby came to help too.
It was he who came up with the new way we hung my Daily Scratchings.
Because of restrictions at the gallery
we realized it could not hang it had in Annapolis Royal.
Richard had to come up with a new system
and I think it is a huge improvement and
much easier to hang.
So surprised was I to read Judy's hanging of her lovely piece
at The World of Threads Festival in Oakville.
Great minds think alike!

The continuous loops lend it a feeling of flow and continuity.
Two and a half years recorded in stitch.

117 feet of days gone by.
Hopefully it will be much longer by the time it is finished.
It is so very nice to see "Daily Scratchings - A Stitched Journal" hanging as a unit.
At home it is rolled up in small scrolls
in a basket
a beautiful basket
but not the best way to view it.

Nadine did a series of paintings about her alter ego Rosina.

Giselle hung many portraits.

Sherry hung her flower gardens.

And we all hung Grace's contribution of textile pieces.

We all had to do several paintings for this large collective piece.
So many colours
So many different styles
But I think it works.
When I got back home seven hours later
boy was I tired
Could hardly keep my eyes open after a simple meal.

The opening is on November 7th at 6pm.
All are welcome!


  1. How lovely to see your Daily Scratchings hanging in a gallery ! Congratulations ! The show looks great, wish I could be there !

  2. What an honour, congratulations!! Looks amazing!!! I wish I lived in that part of Canada because I would go, unfortunately, it is a bit of a drive from northwestern Ontario!!

  3. How wonderful everything looks all together and how exciting to see your Daily Scratchings hanging on the wall. Does this inspire you to get them out of the basket and on a wall at home? Or do you not have the space? Hugs! deb

  4. It all looks lovely, Penny! I wish that I could be there.

  5. I can only imagine the wonder of actually seeing this beautiful work..just thankful for the chance to see it in picture.

  6. What a great show! Wish I could see it in person. Your scratchings look dynamite hung like that. Hugs.

  7. Oh, its all so lovely. I really, really like the way you (and hubby) hung your scratchings -- it works perfectly.

  8. Would love to be there to see it, your scratching look lovely, so exciting to see it so beautifully hung.

  9. penny, so great to see your scratchings hanging like this. I'm sure that in person they are mesmerizing and one could spend so much time with them, looking at all the many details.

  10. wow! This is incredible. So warming, exciting and powerful. And I always appreciate when artwork seems to be woven around so many stories. Thank you all for this.

  11. Hanging an exhibition is an exhausting experience!

  12. Congratulations! Such an interesting way to hang your scratchings!

  13. What a stunning exhibition & I love how you have displayed your scratchings! What a treat for everyone who visits!


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