Tuesday, 21 October 2014

And so October Begins

October first means the beginning of a new scroll.
I do that every three months.

Scratched up to October 19th.

Surrounded by baby images.

Visitors arrived with ribbon wrapped gifts
and alligators patterned some things
Then it got too busy to do anything more than rows of stitch.

Those pumpkin looking things represent bouncing
on the yoga ball which was great at soothing fussy times.
On Saturday Claire and Mike and Peggy
invited Mark and Donna and baby
Handy Hubby and I
and Brett
for Thanksgiving.
A lovely evening it was too.

After three weeks we tore ourselves away and returned home.
Our first days home have been crazy days of playing catchup.
So many things to do and errands to run
I felt a bit loopy....and so invented a loopy stitch!

I hope we still have time to admire the autumn colours before the leaves fall.
Sunday was drawing class again.


  1. Lovely stitches to remember such an exciting time.

  2. Mid-November is my chance to breathe this year, so I sympathise!

  3. So much fun and so much to be thankful for. The 'home stuff' will get done, in due time, ease in slowly.

  4. Perfectly busy October for you and yours. Love the loopy stitches as well as the leaves. Enjoyed my visit here!


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