Wednesday 26 June 2013

Last Week in Stitch

I didn't forget....just late

Monday was a day of snipping and stitching
Tuesday was our first wonderful visit to the beach
The tourists have started to gather there

I suppose they've come to see the lupins

My goodness me the coyotes were loud last night

14 of us SAQA girls gathered in Truro for a meeting

A weekend of gentle scratchings.


  1. Always nice to review your week in scratchings!

  2. I love your open-mouthed coyotes!

  3. Coyotes were loud here, too!! Maybe the big full moon. Love them in stitch!

  4. Lovely making your acquaintance on Friday and looking forward to following your blog!

  5. I find your scratchings fascinating. Sorry, I should comment more often.

  6. Although I love your abstract scratches, I find your figurative embroidery very attractive as well. Those coyotes and those girls are amazing!


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