Monday 17 June 2013

A Special Trip Scratched

Fourteen days scratched

Merlin youngsters and their parents swoop through the garden

and we pack for a wedding trip.

Two surprised rusty pups delivered to doggy hotel.

Flying to Toronto and driving to Collingwood.
On the wedding eve I'm thinking that 'til now there has been me and my four guys.

A special day of ceremony and celebration
A day for vows and romance and tears and joy.
On Sunday and Monday
rings were on my mind and the joining of two families.

Then it came time to leave the Blue Mountain ski hills
to visit a special place of memory 
and reconnect with friends.

Gee whiz we nearly missed our plane!

Picked up two happy RP's

Days of rest
A day for Dads
A day for Golf.


  1. Goodness, did you take it with you and manage to stitch your scratchings amid all that activity and emotion?

  2. Your memories are stitched in cloth forever! And lovely memories they will be.

  3. what wonderful memories in stitch.

  4. Abosutely love the "almost missed the plane" moment! Ha!

  5. Oh Penny, thank you for your lovely "trip scatchings" !!! ;-)

  6. Absolutely love your method of memory keeping! So beautiful! Again...I feel privileged that you let us share your world!

  7. This is just wonderful. What a terrific method of journaling, stitching, and memory keeping. Thank you for sharing your wonderful stitched memories.


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