Thursday, 22 November 2012

Okay I'm Hooked

Still photographing frost.
I'm fascinated with the lack of colour
and how the distant trees introduce just a little bit of colour.

Wonder if any work will come out of these crispy morning walks

I stop every few steps for yet another photograph

Makes me think of Christmas
Sugar plums
those delicious sugar coated candied fruits
we used to nibble on years ago.

Soft beige leaves and a scattering of alder cones.
Gosh I have to work out how to stitch a scene like this.
I just love it!

The sun slowly bringing colour back into my world.


  1. I'm sure you find a way tontranslate this beauty into you

  2. it looks like this just 10 feet away, outside my window, as the sun sends up first light.

  3. Frost does seem to bring up the colours of stems and stalks!

  4. I'm fascinated by the frost here this year too--especially as it gets heavier, the closer to the river--our walks are slow for photos, and lots of sniffing from DogFaced Girl--the frost seems to crystallize thought *and* scent :)

  5. I'm getting excited just thinking about what you might create from these images.

  6. Such beautiful frost. Reminds me of the pogonip in the Nevada valley I used to live in.

  7. The plant life looks like stitching already, in these photos, doesn't it? Little white stitches over muted shapes.

  8. These pics are truly stunning, Penny! What scope for creativity! I am always so sorry that we rarely get that sort of frost here. We DID have freezing fog here once with ice crystals just hanging in the air. Fabulous! Hope to see what you do with these. Meantime, just enjoy it. We are enjoying it vicariously. Thanks!

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