Thursday, 15 November 2012

Of Grasses and Wounded Trees

Today it was the battered grasses on the tidal flats that caught my eye
swept into clumps of grassy waves
Like troubled water.
The RP's would blend so well!

and through the midst of all those rusty waves
a thin broken line of stubborn green shoots lives on.

It looks like someone is going to work the lowland field
An earth mover had built a ramp from the field to the dike.
It had trundled along the dike and ripped off any
branches or even whole trees
Whatever got in it's way.

I went home and added some stitches to a blue spruce.


  1. Oh my your blue Spruce is wonderful - can't wait to see more!

  2. 'Like troubled water'......perfect description!

  3. The Spruce is gorgeous - very good to see!

  4. the outside of trees are usually so tough and mighty, yet the inside is so vulnerable and soft. and to think they get that way by absorbing what is in water, things we can't even see with our eyes alone! and the much for me to take in at the moment.

  5. Its sad how machines just plow through....


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